Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wedding Flower Homework: Rustic & Vintage Accents

I've made it to the next step in my wedding planning process, yes, you've guessed it! Flowers. I'm on the lookout for vendors so I figured it would be smart to start doing my homework. I absolutely love rustic and vintage wedding bouquets, but I had no clue what those little green and earthy looking accents were called. Luckily for you I did my homework, so hopefully you don't have to. These are some of my favorite bouquet accents, and the best part is that most of them are for all seasons so you don't have to worry about them wilting in your hot August wedding (like me...).

1. Aged Lotus Pods 
I admit, at first glance these dark brown shell like plants look kind of creepy, but when mixed with a bunch of lush flowers, they create a hard/ soft combo that's a perfect vintage rustic pairing. 

2. Dusty Miller 
These grayish blue leaves couldn't be prettier, and their texture looks great against soft light colored flowers. I would love to have these in my bouquet or in the groomsmen boutineers (like below). They are almost exactly the shade of blue I want in our wedding, so it seem like it's meant to be if you ask me. 

3. Scabiosa Pods 
These pods are adorable, they almost look fuzzy to me, which I love because I want to our flowers to have a mixture of different textures. It also brings in the green accent while still being softer than other natural looking plants like the aged lotus pods.  

4. Succulents 
I love these things, I think they're so pretty, and I like the strange texture they seem to have, almost rubbery. I also think their pale greenish blueish color couldn't be more spot on for what I'd like at my wedding.

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For all you slackers that didn't study for the test, here's a rustic/ vintage bouquet accent "cheat sheet." You're welcome!

Until next time!

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