Saturday, February 16, 2013

High "Pinterestations" & Save The Dates

Dear Pinterest,

Please stop making me feel inadequate with your postings of "handmade" "diy" weddings. Yes. I get it. The bride was so savvy she sewed together one billion little baggies for sunflower seed favors and signed each of the bags with her font like perfect handwriting. Yes, I know this bride also has a full time job and raises a family of orphaned children on the side. But her life isn't hard like mine pinterest! She doesn't have to watch two seasons of Games of Thrones in a 48hr period! And she doesn't have to get distracted and scroll tumblr until she reaches the bottom of the internet. She ain't me pinterest. She ain't me....


A bride-to-be suffering from some seriously high "pinterestations" (high expectations brought about by too much time spent on pinterest)

In other news, here are some "Save The Date" Idea's worth saving...

1. I like this one because of the picture being placed within the letters, its modern but still very rustic because of the flower detail (Plus it has our initials... so that's pretty awesome). 

2. I love the white space around the picture on this save the date, it gives enough space to have whatever you would like to above the picture as far as text and graphics.

3. I like their outfits, and the font is super cute. Plus the yellow detail, their yellow clothing, the fall leaves it goes together perfectly. 

4. I love this one because their faces are partially cut off from the picture, that sounds weird.. there is probably some really smart graphic design or photography term for that... but whatever it is, I like it. 

5. I like this because it makes me laugh, because this is pretty much my life right now. 
 Until next time!

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