Thursday, January 23, 2014


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It's below freezing here in Atlanta, which is pretty much unheard of. But instead of catching the winter blues, all I can do is day dream about the warm weather to come this spring: this amazing spring, that will bring music, fun and trips with friends - you guessed it, it's music festival season! 

It's my favorite time of year, for obvious reasons. I love live music and I love fashion, and everything goes at a festival environment, it's the ultimate place to experiment with clothes and accessories you could never wear anywhere else. So, while I'm indoors warming up under a blanket as I write this post, I'm letting my mind wander to warmer days, and I'm shopping for three distinct festival looks, that fortunately, you can shop below! 

1. Laid Back Babe 

2. Femme and Festive 

3. Rocker Chic 

What's your favorite look, and do you plan on attending any festivals this year? 

Stay warm loves! 
xoxo - Erica 


  1. Loving all these looks!! But I'm a laid back babe!! :) xoxoxoxo

    1. You are such a laid back babe!! Glad you liked the post, love!