Friday, January 3, 2014


I'm sure this has happened to all of us before. You're scrolling through Pinterest, minding your own business when BAM, the perfect outfit appears. Something that takes your breath away, and just like that your mind is wandering off to the concert you'll wear it to, and how you'll accessorize and how amazing it's going to look in pictures. 

Then. Something horrible happens. You click on the link to find that said item is sold out. Your heart breaks into a million pieces, your dreams lay in shambles at your feet. But wait... ingenuity arrives. 

You're not the type to sit around crying over spilled milk or devastated over the ghost of fashion desires past. No sir. You've got the power of H&M, and with it you find an outfit not only mirroring the one you wanted but with more bang for your buck. Because, you, you are a true fashionista one that doesn't believe in the binds of 'sold-out' or 'out-of-stock'. You are the creator of your destiny. 

Long live fashion ingenuity. 

Long live you. 

2. Sweatshirt - $5
3. Plaid Shirt - $25 

xoxo - Erica 


  1. Erica - not sure if you know but this plaid sweater is back in stock (for a limited time, I think)!

    1. Kanan, remember this as the day you made my life better, thanks for the link!!