Sunday, January 27, 2013

Wedding Must Haves

Okay, so I guess you can't have everything you want. This is more of a wedding "love to have" list than a "must have" list...

1. Farm Tables: I love the idea of all of our close friends and family sharing a few long table instead of multiple small tables. It's like a huge family dinner. Love that.

2. String Lights: I've always felt like dancing under the stars and under string lights was for your first dance or reception was so romantic.

3. Our Music: I'm big on forcing friends and family to listen to what I call "Erica music." It's rarely top 20 and people usually try to stop me... but finally I get to share my favorite songs and bands with everyone I love against their will! (I'm totally kidding... sort of). And since Kevin and I both love to sit for hours finding new songs to listen to and new bands to love, I think it is our duty to not only have our DJ/ Musicians play our music but also give it to our friends and family as well. What a great idea for wedding favors! And the DIY aspect makes it that much more special.

4. DIY Touches: There seems to be a rise in DIY-brides lately... or maybe it's just pinterest making it look like everyone who gets married is a part time crafting genius. Either way, I think that creating things yourself for your wedding day is a great way to make the wedding feel more "you" while cutting cost on having someone else do it.

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