Monday, February 4, 2013

Weddings Aren't Easy (And Other First World Problems...)

People who design weddings are awesome, cause it ain't easy.

It may look easy on pinterest. A candle there, a flower here some stationary in the corner and BAM! You're done. But theory is a lot less accurate than the tedious effort and humbling hardships that come with practice.

But alas, our wedding is coming together.

It's like a game of ping pong, a slightly annoying back and forth. Starts in my mind with a great idea, then searching the interwebs to see if it's a possibility. But slowly and surely the picture in my brain is becoming clearer. So, without further adieu, here's one step closer to having the wedding in my head fully realized...

1. Garland, Banners and Kraft, oh my!: I've already mentioned that I love the idea of CD's as wedding favors and I especially love these CD sleeves with the blush pink banner and arrow detail and the green garland adds a rustic touch. I don't know if I'd want our names spelled out or if I'd like it to just say E+K. 

2. Little Brass Figurines: How cute is this owl right? I think figurines would look great as table decor or as part of table centerpieces. Plus, I would totes keep these after the wedding to decorate our house, which is two owls with one stone (get it? owls.)

3. Feathers: Again with the feathers. I like the idea of tying them to the invitations with twine. Cool right? Yeah... I thought so.

4. Invitations: This invitation below is a whole lot of pretty wrapped in rustic with a kick of bohemian. Call it was it is. Awesome. I'd probably get rid of the deer.. cute but not us. But I'd keep the flower and garland detail on the invitation (note it goes well with the CD cover above). I also like the banner detail, but maybe it could go blush (note, CD above... again) and have a feather or two in the twine (note, image directly above). I'm starting to see how the blush, green and kraft go together well, especially when there is white text.

Now that the decor is coming together, I think its time to put a wee bit more focus on the exact wedding colors and the dresses and suits for the bridal party. It is also time to chow down on some cheerios, cause when my financé isn't home for dinner I eat like a toddler.

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